Quitting is your ONLY option

Life is filled with people trying to impress other people, who either don't care, or don't matter. That doesn't stop the 97% of people who think that buying the new iPhone, or that car they can not afford, just to get their dopamine fix to make them feel like they are the most important person for that brief moment.

We can look to You Tube, Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, or just about any other social media outlet and you can find at any point during the day and see someone, who is doing something to get your attention. It's all a distraction, just to get you interested in what they are doing. Then you look at what is going on in your life and you just get frustrated and want to give up.

You get frustrated and disappointed and think about your dreams that you had and just give up. With 2019 approaching, we are in full swing planning how we are going to kill 2019 and make it our year. We are making our New Year's resolutions and by February 64% of you will make it and only 46% last 6 months. Let's look at sales for another example, 80% of sales require 5 follow up calls to close, and 44% give up after the first call.

Now, that I have your attention, and you are asking, what is this all about, I am here to actually get you motivated to quit....quit not believing in yourself!! If you are one of those 44% of salespeople giving up after one call, imagine if you stuck it out with 4 more calls? Quit lowering your standards and giving up!

Quit trying to impress those around you who just don't care. If you want to impress someone, impress your future self. Impress the hell out of your future self and realize that its your race to run, not theirs! If you were running a marathon, you can't win for someone else, you get into your groove and run for you.

Henry Ford failed 5 times before he finally succeed, Fred Smith founder of "Fed Ex" was told by his professor, after receiving a grade of "C" for his idea that it need to be "Feasible" in order for him to earn a grade higher than a "C". Walt Disney was fired for having a "lack of imagination", these people all have made our world what it is, just imagine if they quit.

Quit telling yourself that you don't have what it takes. It takes a warrior to go out and win, because the warrior knows the road is hard, and strenuous, but its the warriors heart that get's them through the pain. Quit letting others talk you out of your dream so you can share in their own misery. Failure is not misery, its a lesson in success. Thomas Edison "failed" over 1000 times before he invented the lightbulb. It's wasn't a failure because he kept getting back up!

Quit being afraid of failure, today's society we are scared of getting hurt and are always looking for a safe space. A recent report said that 25% of college kids could be classified as disabled for having anxiety. That's because we are too afraid of hearing truth, and taking it as an insult rather than a weapon to use to become someone greater! Thats why 64% of you will no longer have completed your New Years resolution after January.

Quitting is your only option if you want to succeed. Quit being negative, quit doubting your potential and purpose, quit listening to those who just want you to be miserable. Quit running someone else race thinking they want you to win. You can't run the race in their shoes, anymore that you can fly for a bird.

In the Bible, Mark 11:23-24 tells us that we have to believe that what we say, will happen. That when we tell hat mountain to be moved, it will move. That problem will end, that it will end. That win that you are longing for, will happen, as we have prayed for. We can't keep taking God out of the equation and pretend that our lives weren't designed for a purpose.

Quit believing that the mistakes we make are a noose that we can't get out of, but rather they are our stepping stones to get to the top of our own mountain and fulfill our true purpose. Quit believing the lies others say, and start making a believer out of yourself!

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