Vison vs Culture...which lead to a shutdown

So by now we all know that the Federal Government had shut down and the chaos it causes. The majority of Americans won't feel it, except in their ears when they turn on the news or radio. How both sides can not come to a deal, how each side is being stubborn and doesn't want to work with the other. For some Americans, including myself, this affects my bottom line, but also it affects all of those who are fighting. It affects their morale, and adds an additional stressor to their family.

Imagine, your loved one is thousands of miles away and in combat, and you are worried about their safety....and now you have to worry about how you are going to keep the lights on, or put food on the table for the kids. Now, like many of you I got to thinking about why this happened. No it's not so cut and dry as the media would have you believe, and this just didn't happen. This is a culmination of many things, but in order to understand it, and change it, you have to find the root cause.

Now no matter where you fall on the political spectrum both sides had a vision of how this bill should've been voted on and passed. The culture in D.C. is completely different. When you have a vision, and you are in a position where you can affect real change, or add, or subtract value by that vision, as the leader or visionary, you are responsible for communicating that vision. That vision should always look to changing or enhancing the culture that you are working in.

For example, in my line of work, I am instructed to follow the orders by those appointed above me, but when I am leading others my vision for them should be one of success. Now if my vision is a selfish one, and all I am doing is trying to appease those above me, and the vision of mission success is not at the forefront, then that vision takes away from the team, and creates a culture of mediocrity and selfishness.

Then this opens the door for resentment, anger, and personal agendas because people will feel that their leaders are not on their side, and their vision now becomes nonexistent and you wonder why you are even part of the organization because you aren't valued....kinda how every American feels about congress, and some about the president. The culture that has been created in Washington is that of selfishness and personal agendas. No matter what common sense that may come from any bill that the people may want, that vision gets washed away.

How do you, and we change it? Well, it's definitely easier said than done, but its possible, and just as important, attainable...remember anything that adds value will be tough, but worth it. What we first have to do is get back to simple basics of common curtesy and respect. Everyone wants to be valued, and the best way to show or add value, is by showing respect for others. Being a leader is all about influence, nothing more, nothing less. If you are influencing others in a positive way, you are adding value, and that is done through respect. Respect for others, respect for yourself.

When we want to influence others, we have to convey our vision by showing respect. You don't have to agree with it, but if you respect it, you will become part of the solution, not the problem and learn valuable lessons on how to move things forward. You will forget creativity, foster ingenuity, and create a culture that is your vision!! We do not have that in our leadership. You can change your environment by doing more for others around you. Smile the nest time you get your coffee, hold a door for someone at the store. Let the other person pass before you make your turn at the the change you wish to see, and watch the culture make you vision your reality!!

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