Stop being tolerant!!

Yes, thats right, I said it...stop being tolerant. Now, before people start getting their underwear in a bunch, let me explain why you should stop being tolerant. The very definition of tolerance in the medical sense is to endure or resisting the action, and also to have a permissive other words to deal with something. Why on earth would you want to choose to deal with something?! Sometimes we just deal with the cards that are being dealt to us in life, because of our job, or life situations.

But think about it for a second, what is it that we truly want as a person? Do we just want to deal with the cards that are being dealt? Do we just want to deal with people or situations? or do we want to be respected. We always hear about how people lack basic and common respect for one an other, and for many this is true. Many live their lives giving that respect, with very little reciprocation, but many of us feel that respect is what is lacking in our society. A poll conducted by the USA Today in 2013 suggested that only 1/3rd of Americans say that people can be trusted...that is half of what people were saying in 1972.

Today, in the year 2017, we have so many different types of groups of people, that everyone wants to be tolerated...I say don't! How about striving to be respected. In my opinion tolerance brings fear, and also breeds resentment, and who wants to live in fear and resentment?! We all want the basic human respect that we would give anyone else. We all want to be looked at as a person, and not a statistic or a stereotype.

Just look around and you can see so much tolerance that it has literally created a culture that has silenced people out of fear of being labeled intolerant, or a bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, and every other phobia you can think of. It's time to not be tolerant because the only way to rid ourselves from this type of small minded thinking is to learn how to respect one another. Now, I am not saying you have to like what is being said or be silenced out of fear, but you can disagree, flat out reject whatever it is that is causing you to be forced to be tolerant, and still be a good person.

For too long we have let others tell us that we are intolerant, just to be yelled at and shamed by people that are doing that exact same thing they are yelling at us for. Now, what do we have to show for it as a society? Division, hatred, riots, people aren't listening to each other, only talking over each other. What examples are we setting for our future generations? You don't like something so lets find a safe space so you can whine about what just happened, rather than talk about it, understand it, and thus leading to respecting it, even if you don't agree with it.

Now, let me elaborate on respect, it is defined as to hold in esteem or honor, or to show regard or consideration..isn't that the hallmark of being civil, to honor someone else or be considerate? When I was young, I was always taught to be considerate of others feelings, I didn't have to like them, or agree with them, but others have the right to feel the way they do, or have an opinion, and I didn't have the right to trample on them. This is what being tolerant is, it is allowing others to trample on our feelings and self worth just so others can feel that their opinions are superior.

When you are at work, you wouldn't tolerate being bullied by anyone, you would demand respect. When the new hire comes in, stomping on all of your traditions, you pull them aside and make them understand that they need to respect what they have just been welcomed into, or they would be ostracized if they just did what ever the hell they wanted, until they showed why can't we do that as a society?

You wouldn't let your mom or your sister be disrespected, that wouldn't be tolerated...because that person showed lack of human dignity, or respect...why are we forcing ourselves to be forced to tolerate others when they aren't showing the same respect? We see on the news so called reporters telling us how to feel or what to about having faith in us as a people to know that we are smart enough to make our own choices! How about not telling us to be tolerant, but rather let us make up ur own mind and learn not to fear something different, but learn about it and become considerate of it!

We have to learn how to communicate with each other again. We can not have a simple conversation without someone calling someone else a name, or being labeled something. That process of communication is key because we don't have to like what is being said, but with communication we can connect and that opens doors to opportunities and respect. We can work a problem from both sides, meaning not trying to just understand how it works, but try to see what possibilities and problems it creates.

Many people may not know USAF Col. John Boyd (Ret) but that man is considered the father of modern air combat and tactics, so much so that he was bestowed the honor of being an honorary U.S. Marine. If you know a Marine, then you know what it takes to become one, and they don't take that honor lightly. Col. Boyd was also a great thinker, he didn't just think about how things operated, he thought about how they can be used and the problems they created, just to make it better. He wasn't received well in the USAF among some circles, and even times had been rejected by some, only to have his ideas implemented, and respected.

He was able to connect with others, and thus create an influence that couldn't be ignored. He made it about others and not about his own personal gain. John Boyd had an energy that took on a life of it's we see that same tenacity or level of energy today? What we see is people wanting more and giving less, we see people going for personal accolades, rather than trying to open doors for others to follow. No one is taking the time to create or develop a skill.

We have to connect with others to create an experience for everyone, and for others to feel inspired...not tolerated. When you tolerate someone you make them feel as if they are a burden, something you want to wish away. When you get fed up at your job because of everything you tolerated, you leave...because you feel disrespected, uninspired, taken for granted...why are we creating a culture that does that on a massive scale? What we tolerate, will become culture and persist, and will become a norm...feeling disrespected, or fearful isn't our natural state and isn't, nor should it be considered normal.

People are naturally in a state of giving, this is why we are so passionate about helping those less fortunate, not to feel good about ourselves, but to let them know how it feels to be respected and loved.

All of this garbage we are being fed is just that...garbage. Being tolerant breeds fear, hostility, breaks down communication, fuels resentment, and makes us feel less human. We can agree to disagree, we can have arguments, debates, differing opinions, that is what we were created show our differences, to celebrate them, to pick what we like and don't like, but not to stifle them, not to disrespect or uninspire others, not to label or stereotype...but to love, connect, and respect!!

You might be surprised by what you learn about someone when you show them respect rather than just be tolerant, you might find out you are more alike than you may think...have faith in knowing that they just want to be respected in the same way you do...someone has to be the first, what is your excuse not to be respectful?

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