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Our Own Slavery

Why we need to break FREE right NOW!!

1 Corinthians 7:23 NKJV You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.

We are living in a very unique time when we are so divided by political and racial ideologies that we are ignoring the price that was paid for us. We are living in a time where we would rather eat at a fast food restaurant just to save time, only to lose our health and an experience with family and friends.

It is so aggravating to see our liberties being freely given away just for the sake of a false sense of security. That "security" is being given by people who do not have the same sense of responsibility of life that we have on a daily basis. They can retreat behind their "security" and live in a beautiful home. Retreat to their office, only to make an appearance on TV and gloat about how "in tune" they are with everyone else.

These comments and rhetoric only inflame tensions, only enrage the ignorant who are already emotionally charged. This keeps us in a victim mentality. This keeps us in the slave mentality of man and we look to the next so called leader who is only doing what it takes to look good. To make them look like they are the ones that have all the answers.

When was the last time we heard an honest person speaking about how blessed we are? How incredibly fortunate we are to be alive? When was the last time you didn't hear a celebrity with an agenda? Or watch a program that was just fun and had a deep moral story of respect and love?

Truth be told, the last movie that I watched that was the most fun without any kind of political agenda was Godzilla Vs. Kong. Yes, the monster movie that had nothing to do with reality, that wasn't gory, that wasn't pushing an ideology. It was just pure fun and seeing two different titans, fighting for the same cause protecting people, it was a breath of fresh air.

Despite all of the plot holes, and completely far fetched story, it was just so much fun to watch. Than just to turn on the news and see the nonsense that is plaguing our communities. Where we cannot, and will not take responsibility for the way things are, only to look for the next boogyman to blame. While the same people that created this mess, go on and claim to understand the pain that is felt, and do nothing about it.

Keeping us enslaved by their words, imposing regulations through fear and keeping people from thinking for themselves. Christ didn't die just so we can freely give ourselves to man, but to freely give our hearts to Christ. His death wasn't so we can have the latest gadgets and use that as a measurement of success, but to truly set us free from those bonds and look to him for salvation.

We know what has to be done, yet we are too afraid to stand up and live for the truth. Too many people that say they know what is best, are proving they are only out for themselves. We allow for wrong to be celebrated and right to be demeaned. We are looking for the quick fix, but refuse to take the time to see what is really happening. We refuse to take the extra time and let things develop slowly and understand the process.

This is the time where we can permanently break free from these bonds that are keeping us from seeing God beauty. Yes, look at the color of the other person. Yes, look at how they look and dress. Yes, look at where they came from. Why? Because that is how God made them and that is how we truly learn how to love!

If we don't look at their skin, how do we learn how to not be afraid of what looks different? If we don't ask where they came from, how do we know about their culture? How do we know how to celebrate these things if we aren't looking for them? That is true diversity because that is true LOVE. Having mandates on the amount of people needed to make up a community is not diversity, it's structured slavery. Diversity is loving those around you for their differences, but also making them stronger because of that love.

That is grace, that is acceptance, that is GOD'S LOVE AND IT'S GIVEN FREELY FOR ALL THAT SEEK IT! Break free from the chains of slavery that man is imposing on us all. Break free from the lies of the media, the politicians, the special interest groups that do not care about you, or your life. God is the only one that truly loves you because he is the one that not only blessed us with free will, but the will to LOVE FREELY!

The time is now to turn off the media, and the celebrities. Turn away from the installed politicians that have plagued our way of life for their own benefit. Turn away from the nonsense and freely accept responsibility for your own actions. True diversity, true change comes from within. Have pride in ourselves, and our communities. Love like you have never loved before, put God first.

No country, including the United States, no government, no idol has ever saved man from themselves, or given themselves freely, except for Christ. Follow his example, make where you live right now a Bastian of love and freedom in Christ.

That is true love. That is true diversity. That is true FREEDOM!

This is what we are all called to do.

Our eternity depends on it.

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