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This Easter Sunday will go like many before, color Easter eggs, kids will enjoy the easter baskets left by the Easter Bunny, and most of us will worship in church. Not many people realize that Easter is actually one of, if not the most sacred day on the christian calendar. This is the day when Christ was resurrected and defeated death after his crucifixion.

Most of the world looks at this day like Christmas and celebrates all of the secular celebrations that surround it. Not saying there isn't anything wrong with taking your picture with the easter bunny, but what I am saying is what is the legacy that it leaves behind? What legacy are you leaving your children, and for your own life?

Christ left behind a legacy that without a doubt is the greatest legacy that anyone can ever leave behind. A legacy of love, grace, and salvation. Romans 1:17 NIV says "It is through faith that a righteous person has life." and for some of us faith is in short supply. For some of us we don't realize that faith is the foundation that we create our legacy on.

When I hear the word legacy I am always taken back at how profound that word truly is. many people use it loosely like many words we use today. If you think about how profound that definition is, we wouldn't look at it as something that we take lightly. Our legacy is a culmination of not just what we do, but what we believe and a testament to our character. Our integrity and how we lived our life.

Of course we aren't perfect, but we are called to live a life the way Jesus laid out for us. A life filled with faith. A life filled with love, and grace that we can share with others the same way Jesus shared with us. Not just on holidays, but everyday.

Hebrews 11:1 NKJV "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.". We tend to believe when we see and not see with belief. This puts us in positions where we care more about what people say than what they prove to do by their character. Your legacy doesn't have to build the next great idea, it could be just that you are the most reliable person in your family, or place of business. You legacy could be the person that creates the best deserts for all of the family functions. It could be the one who you can go to for the best advice without judgement.

Our legacy should't depend on what society deems what is important, it should be by what God says is important. Love, Truth, Grace, Forgiveness, and compassion. It should be about sharing the truth but also knowing that repentance is the key. Repenting is not just saying a few prayers, it is knowing what you did and then striving for never committing that sin again.

Will we fall? Yes. But shouldn't your legacy be one of perseverance where you fall but always get back up stronger than before?

Don't allow outside influences determine your worth. Don't let those who give their advice run your life.

God wants you to prosper, and live abundantly. That may mean living a life of millions of dollars, but it also may mean living in an apartment. Material things come and go, your legacy is forever, so live your life everyday creating a life worth remembering.

Step into your blessings, step into your abundance, step into your LEGACY!

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