The stigma, and what you can do as a man

As men we are taught at a young age to just "suck it up" and keep moving.  Don't worry about feeling, just build, conquer,  and thats what we do.  We become these warriors, and lock up our feelings and go out and get things done.  The ones that couldn't, that felt more than the average man, were branded sissy's, cry babies, made to feel less than a man.  Often time made fun of and isolated from groups, 

Society has changed, where we as men are supposed to feel more and we don't know how to deal with that.  We don't know how to cope with that and we are losing our edge.  We can see this by the lack of leadership we are seeing in our communities. We see the spike in anxiety and depression among men.  Where our veterans, 22 a day are choosing to end their lives because of what they experienced but how they can not deal with the emotions.  

What can we do to prevent this from happening?  There isn't any real symptoms that you can visibly see unless the person is going through an episode.  It's not like a physical disease that you show symptoms on the outside, everything is internal, mental.  Some people think it's like a switch that you can turn on and off, and it's not.  You can't just think it away, it takes a change in your consciousness and visual ability to see through it.  

Recently we lost Anthony Bourdain to suicide and like many of those who do so, never showed signs of wanting to do such a thing.  Chester Bennington also took his own life only a year ago, and hours before he did, he was filmed laughing with his family having a good time.  You would never have thought that he was suffering that much.  I personally had a good friend commit suicide and never in a million years would I have thought he of all people would've done that.  Here is the trend, as men we do not know how to cope with the influx of feelings that we were never taught to feel for in the first place.

I myself suffer from severe anxiety, and it only takes something small to trigger it, but how I control it is through several techniques and outlets.  Like I said, it isn't a switch that you can just turn off,  so I had to train my mind to focus on what would calm me down.  You have to reprogram your mind and understand that you can overcome this.  Lean on the people that love you the most, and if you don't have anyone that you can rely on, do something constructive.  Something that you are passionate about, something that makes you feel valued.  

Many times its that feeling of being useless is what drives those feelings, and trying to repress them only leads to depression, so find what you are passionate about and realize that you are valuable.  You are not alone in this, and once you can overcome that feeling and realize that truth, you will overcome this!  You are made in God's image and you are destines for extraordinary things.  Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!