Everything comes to an end, but you are just getting started!

When you are at your lowest, when life is just beating you down and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  You look around for an answer,  you have so many people trying to give you advice but something in your gut is telling you to do something else.  Something just doesn't feel right. That little gut feeling keeps nudging you and you finally breakdown and ask God for help.  Now I am not a pastor or a theologian but I am speaking from my experience.  These are the things that happened to me.

I can give you a cookie cutter "follow these simple rules" and they would have a ton of truth in them but it may not hold truthful for you.  When you go to the beach and you come out of the water and head home, you get sandy, uncomfortable, you look for that fresh water to rinse off but you can't...the US Navy SEALs call this a "sugar cookie", except when they get wet and sandy they literally have to jump in the water and roll around in the sand until every inch of their body is covered in sand...hence the term sugar cookie.  

Now if you have ever been covered in sand in parts where you don't want to mention its quite uncomfortable, and makes you want to rush to get the sand off.  Rushing and wanting to do it your way can block your miracle that God has for you.  It's logical to want to get comfortable as quickly as possible, and when life changes in a way we don't expect it or that makes us feel uncomfortable we rush, use our own logic and try to fix stuff the way we think we know how.  

Let's take divorce for example,  this will come with a ton of changes, and pain, and hurt, and you just want it to end...so logically you do what is best for you...but what you may not realize is that you are blocking a huge miracle from your life happening at the best time.  You may be hurting yourself and delaying your healing and growth...believe me I know.  I was hurt so bad that I would dwell on what happened and ignore Gods words and end up back where I started..hurt and alone.  

In the gospel...yes I will speak about the gospel because this is what gets me through the pain and hurt, and keeps me focused on helping others, and I am being blessed for it.  John 11: 38-46 talk about Jesus and the resurrection of Lazarus.  Jesus delayed going to see Lazarus even after his family told Jesus that he was sick.  He was dead for 4 days, but told his family that his sickness Jesus said.."This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the son of God might be glorified thereby."  He told them that he wasn't going to die.

Well Martha and Mary, Lazarus' sister, believed Jesus.  He told them he wasn't going to die...well he died.  In the natural you believe because we see.  What Jesus was teaching them was believing is truly seeing.  He was dead for 4 days, Martha was upset, she even told Jesus.."if you had been here he wouldn't have died!".  How many times have we said if only we had done something different or if God was real he wouldn't have let this happen...its only logical to think that way.  Jesus promised Lazarus life, he wept with his family, he felt their pain.  

He went to his tomb and told them to move the stone, and Martha was again telling Jesus, there is going to be a stench, he's been dead for 4 days.  Jesus told them, "Did I not say that if you believed you would see God's glory?".  Jesus went into the tomb, gave thanks to God for hearing him.  He was speaking life into Lazarus and faith into everyone else, and he called for Lazarus to rise...and he did.  What is this all about?

This is you not listening to God when he already has a great plan for you, Jeremiah 29:11.  We want to be logical about what is going on, like Martha saying how badly it was going to stink in the tomb.  How badly does our lives sometimes stink because we neglected to have faith in our own resurrection?  When we have had little or no faith because we couldn't see how we were going to fix the problem.  Here is Gospel of how God made a promise with you.  Jesus was talking with his father and they knew what the outcome was going to be, if only we had faith and trusted in him.  We ended up doing the logical approach and hurt our chances of realizing our miracle sooner.

Bottom line is this, try to ignore the logic and believe in the unseen and supernatural.  Believe that God is walking with you and he is going to guide you.  The same way that you are reading this, and may be moved to become closer with God or needed this to realize that you aren't going to get through this alone, believe in that and let that peace settle in your heart.  

Remember....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!