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December 2, 2018

 Life is filled with people trying to impress other people, who either don't care, or don't matter.  That doesn't stop the 97% of people who think that buying the new iPhone, or that car they can not afford, just to get their dopamine fix to make them feel like they are the most important person for that brief moment.

We can look to You Tube, Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, or just about any other social media outlet and you can find at any point during the day and see someone, who is doing something to get your attention.  It's all a distraction, just to get you interested in what they are doing.  Then you look at what is going on in your life and you just get frustrated and want to give up.  

You get frustrated and disap...

November 26, 2018

It's definitely been a while since my last post, but here I am, I am still standing.  Through all of the nonsense, some self inflicted, but dealing with nonsense from the other aspects of life, I am still here.  I was told when I was in 3rd grade that I was nothing more than a stupid spic that would never be more than a janitor, or a city worker.  This was from my third grade teacher...bless her soul.  Since third grade, I have traveled the world, fought in wars, flown a fighter jet, flown a tanker jet, became a private pilot, trained over a hundred airman in the USAF, served for 17 years, and thats just the beginning.  

I have been certified as a coach, mentor, speaker by one of the most renowned leadership gurus in...

February 15, 2018

This has been a very emotional and complex week to say the least.  Now I know you don't want to hear about my problems, but the intent is not to vent, but to encourage others going through a similar issue.  I just finalized my divorce two days ago, I am now unemployed because my commander wanted to destroy my career and I had to resign my position, I have to find some source of income, pay child support, keep the lights on, and try to do it all with a smile for my kids.  

It feels like I am running into a wall, but a wall that is hurricane force winds.  As a pilot I know that I have to take off into the wind, but how can I stretch my wings if I can't see in front of me?  Or how can I direct myself in the face of something so s...

January 21, 2018

    So by now we all know that the Federal Government had shut down and the chaos it causes.  The majority of Americans won't feel it, except in their ears when they turn on the news or radio.  How both sides can not come to a deal, how each side is being stubborn and doesn't want to work with the other.  For some Americans, including myself, this affects my bottom line, but also it affects all of those who are fighting.  It affects their morale, and adds an additional stressor to their family.

   Imagine, your loved one is thousands of miles away and in combat, and you are worried about their safety....and now you have to worry about how you are going to keep the lights on, or put food on the table for the kids...

January 18, 2018

   When we were kids we would play a game called "Capture the flag", or if you are a little younger you might have played this on your Xbox or Playstation while playing Halo or COD.  It's when you have to capture your opponents flag and make a stand by holding their base to make it your own.  When you are successful you win.  Usually you have to travel a great distance to get it, but when you do it feels amazing!!

   You feel accomplished, you did the unthinkable, you beat the other guy and took what was theirs and made it your own.  Sounds exciting right?  Especially when you have a team and are able to do it on a measurable scale.  What about in our life?  How do we measure our goals, or know where we even started...

December 4, 2017

   In my line of work when a jet comes back we ask the pilot what the code is, if its code 1, those are the best words a crew chief could hear...means the jet is good to go, ready to fly again.  Code 2, well something is wrong but it can still make the mission...Code 3....well its grounded till whatever is wrong is fixed.  These are machines, but like our lives we sometimes feel like we need fixing until we can move forward.  Things happen in flight that we don't expect to happen...much like our lives.

    The difference is that we don't have a bunch of crew chiefs and specialists running around troubleshooting whats wrong and fixing the problem.  No one to "swap a box", or "change a line" to make the syste...

April 12, 2017

  It seems more and more these days people are more offended by the silliest of things, and tend to be the biggest hypocrites in their arguments.  Not saying that everyone who doesn't complain are perfect, but they aren't doing anyone any favors by turning the other cheek.  When we look back as far as 40 years ago, or even a bit farther, we can look at how our culture has changed by watching what was popular then, and what is popular now.

  I grew up watching reruns of the "Jeffersons", and "All in the Family",  and onto other shows growing up like "Growing Pains", "Family Matters", and you can see over the decades how we became more sensitive and how we tried to be respectful of others, but what it did was open the door for a...

March 26, 2017

Yes, thats right, I said it...stop being tolerant.  Now, before people start getting their underwear in a bunch, let me explain why you should stop being tolerant.  The very definition of tolerance in the medical sense is to endure or resisting the action, and also to have a permissive other words to deal with something.  Why on earth would you want to choose to deal with something?!  Sometimes we just deal with the cards that are being dealt to us in life, because of our job, or life situations.

But think about it for a second, what is it that we truly want as a person?  Do we just want to deal with the cards that are being dealt? Do we just want to deal with people or situations? or do we want to be r...

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