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My Name is Sean Romero, and I'm a John C Maxwell Certified Coach, A Featured Public Speaker, Podcaster, Air Force Veteran, Proud Dad of 4 Kids, and a Leadership Expert.
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    Online Coaching
    Success doesn't come by accident is a way of life for myself and those around me.  As a Leader in today's society, as men, we have a chance to impact the world and those around us to make this world a better place.

    With Coaching, we can sit down and help you to become the hero in your own story of success.  As a leader, you can become the best husband, dad, and desicion maker that doesn't come by accident.
    My Podcast - Faithfully Led
    Faithfully Led is a podcast for the everyday person who needs inspiration, and leadership do deal with life’s everyday struggles. Common sense solutions for the nonsensical world, and embracing the uncertainty of life.
    Upcoming Events
    As a John C Maxwell certified speaker, I know the importance of being easy to work with and great communication.  My goal in speaking at your event is to make a lasting impact, showing people, they were created with a plan and a purpose.  A plan to add value and give them a foundation and a road map to success at every event.
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    Books - Building the Warrior Spirit

    Courses - Breaking free from Fear, Red Flag
     Books - Coming Soon
     Breaking free from Fear - Course
     Red Flag - Course
    7X Dads
    7X Dads is a group of men that believe their greatest purpose is to serve their wife, children, and those around them with excellence.  7X Dads is all about bring together a grou of men who want to see each other succeed in life, family, and their own life.
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    "When you know you're in the presence of greatness..."
    - Brain Street
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