About Faithfully Led


Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.  Christian leadership is just that as well.  How we influence others determines not only how we interact with others, but how our communities are shaped.  To be a Christian is to know Christ.  To have a personal relationship with him.  It's not about the building that you worship in, it's the example you set for others to follow.

Faithfully Led is about creating leaders through Christ's example.  I saw a need to build up leaders in our community, and when I looked at what was needed the most, it was absolutely clear.  We need more Christ centered leaders in our community.  The moral fabric has been breaking down for too long in our communities. For too long we as Christians have been sitting on the sidelines, and others have been setting the wrong example. 

In the military, it's about accomplishing the mission. What is sometimes forgotten it's the people are the ones that make that mission successful.  The same goes for our communities. If we aren't building up leaders in our communities, the mission of faith, and love will not be fulfilled. 

As a father, I want my legacy to not just be about personal accomplishments, but how I helped those around me become greater than themselves.  To set the example for not only my children, but the way Christ has instructed me to. I am not perfect, but perfection isn't the goal, but to hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" Matthew 25:23


My Mission

Mark 11:22-26

During my time in the military, it was my mission to equip those that I led with everything they needed to succeed. 

Now, it's my mission to equip Christ followers with the tools they need to become leaders in the home, community, work, and places of worship. 

Our legacy should never be about us, it always should be about others.

To Serve

2 Chronicles 15:7

As leaders we are called to serve.  If we aren't serving, we aren't leading. Being a leader isn't a position, it is who we are. 

As we serve one another, our work will be rewarded. It will be rewarded in our families, and our future will be that much brighter.  

The work we do today should never be lost on the idea that we don't have to earn it tomorrow. Everyday, we must earn our reward so we never take for granted our gift of life. 


The I.I.C.I Method is a design of my own creation. As a student of the Col. John Boyd's O.O.D.A. Loop I created this method to be the foundation of any business or community.  It comprises of 4 main elements and will create a path to success.  Every business, or community needs a foundation to build on, and this is that foundation. 


Doing the right thing when no one else is looking.  Standing up when no one else is. 


Creating a world of true diversity.  A world where the only thing that matters is your character.


Creating new ideas and making path where there wasn't any 


Inspire others to build their vision through faith, and live the life the way God intended.